How To Find A Good Transcription Company

Audio transcription can be challenging. And finding an audio transcription company isn’t easy. Many companies use what’s called crowd sourcing, meaning that they take your content and send it out to many different people. Each person then transcribes a small chunk of your audio and sends it back. Nobody checks anything, and you’re lucky if the transcription is even remotely close to accurate.

That’s not how it’s supposed to be done. It’s a challenge to work fast and be accurate at the same time, but a good transcription company will have one person work on your audio or video content, and will take the time to check the work.

Also, the entertainment industry has special needs when it comes to transcription services. Entertainment clients require something called true verbatim, where every “uhm” and “uh” and pause is transcribed. This helps the editors and producers select which parts of the interview will be used in the final edit. Entertainment transcription companies are very different than other types of transcription companies. Entertainment transcribers also need to know how to enter time code within the transcription. Time code helps the editors find the exact part of the interview that will be used in the final cut.

Another problem in the transcription industry is figuring out how much your transcription is going to cost before you submit your content to be transcribed. Many transcription companies have hidden or confusing pricing. For example, there’s one transcription company that has many small boxes on their website. Each box is a different type of transcription, and each type of transcription is priced differently. That company expects you to figure out your own pricing by adding up numbers in the different boxes, then adding in additional fees based on the type of transcription you want and the quality of the audio.

Getting pricing for a transcription shouldn’t require fuzzy math or fancy spreadsheets. A simpler approach is to ask the client to fill out an easy online form with an option to upload some sample content, then have the transcription company provide an accurate quote for the transcription service quickly. Clients usually want to make a decision and get a transcription started within one hour, so getting an accurate quote back to the client is crucial.

In summation, finding a good transcription company doesn’t have to be difficult. Look for a company that does not use crowd sourcing, and make sure you get a complete quote for the transcription service before you let them start the work.

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