Month: May 2018

Five Points Of Filmmaking

Making a film is really a dream for thousands. Millions of young-old-aged talents are still seeking the chance of getting into the Industry. Literally getting a chance as a filmmaker

8 Terms to Know About Internet Video Production

The best Internet marketing videos can generate long-lasting and profitable traffic to your online store or website. On the other hand, a bad video could tarnish your reputation and alienate

Behind the Lens

The making of a film is a collaborative process involving many people. The cinematographer or director of photography is responsible, with his gaffer for the visuals, lighting the set and

Vancouver’s Movie Production Industry

Once dubbed “Hollywood North,” Vancouver’s movie industry has a long history and impressive resume of big budget movies, as well as TV series, local movies, and commercials. “The Bridge” studios

How To Find A Good Transcription Company

Audio transcription can be challenging. And finding an audio transcription company isn’t easy. Many companies use what’s called crowd sourcing, meaning that they take your content and send it out